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    Discover The Timeless Beauty Of Brick Pavers

    Brick pavers offer instant visual appeal for homes, businesses, and public institutions. Their segmental nature and range of colors make them a trendy choice for people across Florida. That includes everything from driveways to pathways to front steps.

    Brick pavers are especially practical if you’re looking for a classic look. Bricks offer elegance and a timeless design that fits seamlessly with a vintage aesthetic. They also work well with an array of house colors, like white, beige, grey, and other neutral tones.

    paver materials

    While brick pavers are one of the most popular choices in Lehigh Acres, they are not the only ones. Old Town Pavers has an extensive inventory of paver materials to fit any taste. That includes:













    Each material has a distinct look and texture that lets homeowners tailor the pavers to their home or business. For instance, bluestone has flecks of golden brown that create a dazzling appearance. On the other hand, Travertine has a whitish look that compares to marble.

    Our paving company serving Lehigh Acres will walk you through the pros and cons of each material on an aesthetic and functional level. Bluestone’s rich royal blue color can fade. The more sun exposure it has, the closer it becomes to a light grey. Travertine is the opposite and hardly fades, regardless of sun exposure.

    Remember that the environment influences the look of the final project and how it changes over time. Lehigh Acres Florida has plenty of both sun and rain, which can fade or wear building materials. While a stone like bluestone starts one color, it may change over time.

    Make Every Entrance a Grand One with Stone or Concrete Walkway Pavers

    You have two choices when considering pavers: stone pavers and concrete pavers. Stone pavers are slightly more expensive but highly durable and versatile. Concrete pavers are human-made, budget-friendly, and easy to install. Any paving company in Lehigh Acres should have both options on hand.

    The key is finding a style that works for your home and budget in Lehigh Acres. Your choice of pavers matters, since the walkway is the first thing visitors see when they enter your home. When you’re considering stone versus concrete pavers for your walkway, think about these factors and how they affect your vision for your home.

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    Your Home Paving Project?

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    Transform Your Property
    With Hardscape Pavers

    As one of the most versatile building materials, pavers come with a range of colors, textures, and styles that make them ideal
    for everything from wall cladding to water features. They have the durability to withstand even the harshest Florida weather, too.
    Use these project ideas to enhance any property with paver hardscaping.

    Pool Decks

    Pool decks create a visual centerpiece for a backyard with a pool.

    Retaining Walls

    Pavers make an attractive building material for different types of walls.


    Paver walkways add a unique touch to any Lehigh Acres landscape.

    Expand Your Living Space With Patio Pavers

    Adding a patio to your home adds to your home’s outdoor aesthetic, no matter where you live. In Florida, you get the added benefit of year-round use. If you live in Lehigh Acres, patios are a simple and affordable upgrade to your home.

    You have no constraints when you commit to a patio project. You have complete control over the size, shape, color, and texture of the material. This level of versatility means Old Town Pavers can create a patio, regardless of space restrictions or your existing home design.

    A patio boosts your home’s property value. Upgrading a home with a patio increases curb appeal and makes your house more attractive to prospective buyers. It’s why many people in Lehigh Acres install patios before selling their property.

    Patios also expand your home’s living space. It makes your home feel larger while creating an optimal setting for entertaining guests or relaxing with family and friends. Once Old Town Pavers finishes the patio, homeowners can add a grill, lounge chairs, or a table to give it a personal touch.

    When your paving contractor in Lehigh Acres does a great job, the patio requires minimal maintenance. Stone and concrete pavers are durable and resistant to stains.

    The Installation process For Driveway Pavers

    You can choose from many driveway types in Lehigh Acres, FL. While concrete slabs are the budget-friendly option, they pale in comparison to pavers. Highly functional and aesthetically pleasing pavers provide curb appeal for decades.

    Driveway paver installation in Lehigh Acres works like most other paving jobs. The first step is to plan and design the project. Old Town Pavers develops a detailed blueprint of the driveway and the surrounding garden beds, grass, and home. These blueprints gives our team the insight and measurements we need to order and install materials for the job.

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